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Mugwort (Atemesia vulgarus) - Mugwort is also known as Dream Weed for its unique ability to bring prophetic dreams. It is used to stimulate psychic awareness. The Lakota also believe that when Mugwort is burned it "makes the bad spirits sick”. Mugwort is also used as a Warding herb (to repel/banish) negative energies and entities/spirits (and wild beasts), which makes it a good herb for clearing negativity from your home. It is an excellent plant to smudge with prior to divination, as it opens up the psychic windows of the brain and activates the 3rd eye chakra. Burn near your bed before sleep for protection and dream enhancement.

  • Appx. 9"

Wildcrafted from our land in Grants Pass, OR

International Purchasers, please email us prior to purchase to check customs regulations for your country.

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