Portable Medicine Wheel Kit

Portable Medicine Wheel Kit

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A medicine wheel is simply a way of making sacred space more real and more visible. Ancient peoples believed that the medicine wheel in itself had great power and helped create change and healing. Medicine wheels were always a place of sacred ceremony and ritual. People go and have gone to Medicine wheels to pray, meditate and find balance. It is a place to find your connection to the universe, Great Spirit, nature and yourself.

Four quadrant pathways divide the Sacred Hoop into 4 quadrants representing the path of each of the cardinal directions -- East, South, West and North. The pathways lead from each totem to the center. Depending on the tradition observed, the animal totems and colors that represent each direction may vary.

While Medicine Wheels are commonly built of stones or rocks, they can be built any size or with other materials, such as plants, minerals or gemstones, candles, trees, shells, pine cones -- whatever materials fit the needs of the ceremony or situation.

This portable Medicine Wheel Kit is great for those who are short on space or would like to take their Medicine Wheel traveling or on a hike.

This kit consists of

  • Totem stones representing each of the four major directions, plus a center stone. (The animal totems chosen for this Medicine Wheel Kit are based on the traditions of the Lakota people.)
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Booklet explaining the totems and qualities of the directions as well as offering a framework for your ceremonies

These mixed agate stones are approximately the size of a half dollar and will vary in size, shape and color. Totem figures are created by carving Power figures deeply into gemstones merging their intrinsic & metaphysical properties.

More about the Medicine Wheel can be found in Shamanic Connection's newsletter archive beginning with the Spring 2009 through Summer 2010.

The gemstones in this kit are a product of nature and as such we have no control over size, shape, or any imperfections. Colors and shapes shown below are just an example of the stone. Sorry, gemstone choice is not available.

Bag decoration may also vary from what is shown.

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