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Mother Drum Journeys - Rhythms for Shamanic Journey

Mother Drum Journeys - Rhythms for Shamanic Journey

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Live drumming by Shamanic Connection on their fabulous Mother Drum.

Three great tracks for journeying, meditation, and altered states "travel".

For centuries, Shamans have used the beat of the drum to journey into altered states of consciousness. Let these drum beats lead you along your path of self-discovery.

Track 1 - MOTHER’S HEART SONG (17:20)
The very first sound we all heard was the constant rhythm of our mother’s heart beat. This rhythm helps us ground and center, quickly reducing stress, freeing the mind of chatter, energizing the body and creating unity within groups. This track is a great way to end a hectic day or opening meditation for a group meeting.

Track 2 - SPIRIT QUEST (16:50) and Track 3 - SOUL VOYAGE (31:20)
For centuries, Shamans have used the beat of the drum to journey into altered states of consciousness and access Spirit for guidance and healing. These two tracks are "travel music", guiding you along on your own spiritual journey.

Read Mother's Story at Shamanic Connection

What Our Customers Are Saying About ...
Mother Drum Journeys - Rhythms for Shamanic Journey

"It is just what the medicine doctor ordered....primal connections to all that is.
I think the continued use of this CD and the results are cumulative. It is definitely a path to realizing our connection to all that is. 5 stars for the particular type of production it represents" (J. S. - Santa Rita GU)

"This is powerful music! I listened to half of the CD shortly before bedtime and I could not believe how relaxed I had become. I had the best night sleep ever and it was a deep sleep that lasted until the next morning. I bought this CD for meditation and journey work but I never expected such deep peace. It's an added bonus! I highly recommend this spectacular drum CD for any kind of meditation." (C. H. - Sterling, VA)

"This CD is awesome!! I put the CD on as I was pouring a bath, and found myself immediately feeling more centered and returning to my core. I thought you were at my house drumming for a little while there! The sound quality is so clear and rich I couldn't help but enter a trance. I really needed that!!! " (Julio Pabon - One Drum - Milwaukee, WI)

"I loved the deep penetrating tone and primal depth of this drumming CD. .The unison of the drum beat was upbeat and powerful. I journey to it with clients and friends and was amazed at how the resonance hit the heart and the solar plexus and raised energy and personal power very quickly. Often an ancient tribal rhythm would come through and clients and I would be dancing into our journeys in Non-ordinary Reality and spontaneously going back into past lives. I found it relaxed people, helped them get out of their heads and opened them up to a more primal experience.

I would recommend this CD to all, but especially people with Shamanic training to help deepen their awareness either through the Shamanic Journey, Trance Dancing or Shamanic Postures. Debbie and Gary's energies blended together beautifully." (D.C. - Shamanic Facilitator -WI)

"If you are a connoisseur of meditative sounds, then this CD will seduce you. As a yoga teacher I am impressed by the integrity and focus that is established by my students when I play this CD. The multiple levels of sound that is created continue to fuel my inspiration. Namaste." (D.N. - Yoga Instructor - AZ)

"I just love the CD. The heart beat rhythm helps me to go very deep in my meditations. I just love it." (R.S. - AZ)

"Listening to the Mother Drum is so calming, it's like being back in the womb". "We used the Mother Drum CD for a group prior to our meeting, every one in the group felt very connected and there was a calming effect for a very difficult meeting". (L.P. - WA)

"Mother Drum has such a deep resonance that it engulfs my entire being and quickly lulls me into a relaxing meditation. After just a couple of minutes it also brought my feral kitten Samantha up into my lap where she quickly curled up and fell asleep." (K.D. - MA)

"Thank you for giving the world these rhythms. I give thanks that Mother came to you so graciously. I hope your journey is light and your footsteps dance always on blessed Earth.. Your Brother In Spirit " ( Nightwolf - PA)

"Mother Drum Journeys provides a wonderful vehicle for shamanic journeying. The beat of the Mother Drum resonates with your own heartbeat and lovingly facilitates your transportation to the heart of Mother Earth." (Connie Cagley -- Conscious Light -- WA)

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