About Shaman's Marketplace

Gary Gent and Debbie Gent, proprietors of Shaman's Marketplace and Shamanic Connection, are Shamanic Facilitators from Grants Pass, Oregon. Their mission is to help people to reconnect with themselves, Spirit and Mother Earth through Shamanic healing practices. They view their role as two fold -- to assist our clients in reacquiring the tools for their growth and then to hold a safe space for them to do their work. It is by using these new tools that growth and healing happen.

Gary & Debbie Gent

Over the past 20 plus years, as we have been working with clients and training people to do shamanic journeys, we have been asked many times, "Where do I get.....?". Sometimes we had a great drum maker or place to recommend, sometimes not. So from this question, Shaman's Marketplace was born.

At Shaman's Marketplace we provide tools for the modern Shaman, Druid and Pagan, practical tools to use in your regular shamanic, meditation or healing practices.

Debbie searches out great places for herbs and smudging herbs and supplies that are organic or wild-crafted and ethically harvested and regenerated. Many of our products are ceremonially hand-crafted by Debbie. 

We look forward to helping you expand and heal yourself and the world we live in.